Why You Should Start Using Essential Oils in a Humidifier

To start, you should always use high-quality, 100% pure essential oils to pair with your humidifier. As humidifiers are primarily filled with just water, regularly cleaning your humidifier is essential to avoid the accumulation of bacteria and mold after the addition of essential oils in the machine. When used and maintained correctly, incorporating essential oils into your humidifier can offer numerous health advantages, promote relaxation/mood boosting, and elevate the overall indoor air quality of your workspace and home.

Reasons to Use Essential Oils in a Humidifier 

1. Multiple Benefits in One: The purpose of a humidifier is to add moisture to the air and surrounding environment. The purpose of essential oils is to improve your well-being in ways that are different within each scent. The combination of the two allows a variety of benefits to happen at once when put on while doing your daily tasks or sleeping.

2. Boost and Accelerate Sickness: When dealing with specific sicknesses such as respiratory issues, the addition of essential oils in a humidifier can speed up the process of reducing symptoms caused by respiratory issues. Doing so would help reduce congestion and help fight respiratory bacteria. 

3. Variety of Benefits: Different Essential oils provide different benefits for your well-being. 

Lavender and chamomile essential oils paired with a humidifier help calm down the mind, promoting feelings of relaxation, as well as improved sleep.

Citrus oils and peppermint essential oils paired with a humidifier help create an environment that uplifts and refreshes your mood, creating and encouraging positive well-being.



Overall, when essential oils are diffused into the air using a humidifier, it allows for the addition of various benefits for your mind, body, and soul rather than using the two separately.

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